A Passion For Health

The Health Goal founder Dylan Rubinstein brings experience in coaching, facilitation and wellness education. Currently working as an exercise practitioner and holistic wellness coach, he helps to change the lives of those he works with by freeing them from physical limitations and evolving their level of health and wellbeing. He has facilitated workshops, seminars and retreats to help spread the knowledge accumulated during his career.

Dylan's eight years of clinical experience are backed by studies including movement training, various exercise modalities, lifestyle coaching and wellness practices. He is expertly skilled at supporting the goals and aspirations of the individual in a very personal way.

The Health Goal was created with the dream of providing health and wellness education to the wider community. He is driven to provide the best available pathway for individuals living in the real world with a genuine curiosity for improving their health, movement and lives.

The Health Goal is a way of sharing all he has learned over his journey with you and he is excited to see what can be achieved together.

He loves to chat about whatever is on your mind. Get in touch with him below!